An important principle in the creation of the Oard accommodation is that people feel at home. To feel at home you also need to be in balance without negative influences from your environment. This has led us to make Oard a building that has a natural and healthy effect on the guests.

Sustainability is often translated to just low energy consumption. However, with sustainability you can go much further than that. If you use natural materials, this gives a healthier indoor climate without harmful substances. You feel that when you walk in to Oard.


What makes Oard such a sustainable accommodation?

Lava stone

We started at the base, the foundation lies on an insulation layer of lava stone. This very porous rock from the Eifel insulates well and does not contain the harmful substances that you encounter in the usual insulation materials. It is a vapor-open material. It allows the building to breathe. Furthermore, this material can simply be reused if Oard is ever demolished.


Earth rays and optimal grounding

Many people are more or less sensitive to radiation from the Earth that emanates from the fault lines in the Earth's crust. Oard's design takes into account the running line of these fault lines. So that, for example, there are no sleeping places on a fault line. Earth rays and magnetic fields of electricity are further reduced by optimal grounding. The reinforcing bars of the reinforcing steel in the foundation are connected to each other, so that radiation is discharged via the earth. Welding for a few evenings can make a big difference throughout the life of the building.


Mud walls

The Walls are masoned with stones pressed from earth and loam. These stones are not baked, so it only takes a little bit of energy to make them. Much less energy than with baked stones. These stones are also vapor-open, so that the walls breathe. Clay has excellent properties for the indoor climate. It absorbs moisture and gives it back to the air when it gets dry. In addition, the stones retain heat in winter and remain cool longer in summer.


Wood wool insulation

The storey floor and wooden walls are permanently insulated. Wood wool was used for this. This is also a natural material that breathes and does not contain any harmful substances. Furthermore, it has a lot of mass, which means that it retains the heat for longer and also keeps the ambient sounds well.


Reuse of material

The accommodation Oard is made in an existing barn. A lot of material is saved by reusing this existing structure. We also like to reuse old materials like these tiles. They come from the old house and have been kept for years without our real destination. Now they get a nice decorative function.


Clay plaster

Walls of clay also have a plaster layer of clay which reinforces the good properties of this material even more. But also wooden walls and wooden walls have a plaster layer of this breathable material. The indoor climate is influenced by this. But it is also a feast for the eyes.


Solar energy

VFor the energy supply of Oard, we use solar panels to generate electricity. But we also have 10 large solar collectors that produce hot water for lovely shower water and in winter for underfloor heating. This installation is prepared for the future because it is suitable for connection to a heat storage system. The energy that is left over in the summer can then be used in the winter.