Oard is a wonderful place to stay overnight. There are 5 guest rooms for 2 people. These guest rooms have their own bathroom and their specific properties and theme.

These are based on the 5 elements of Yoga: Fire - Earth - Metal - Water - Wood. The elements are related to the energy pathways of your body, each element takes care of a specific part of your body.

The rooms are not only spiritually different, but also physical. They differ in size, among other things. One of the rooms is on the 2nd floor and only accessible by stairs. This has a fantastic view. And an optimal morning sun experience. The 4 rooms on the ground floor have a terrace where you can sit outside. The largest room on the ground floor is wheelchair-friendly and suitable for the disabled.

The whole accommodation is designed to be yourself and feel at home. The lines of force in the earth have been taken into account in the design. The lines of force produce earth rays and thus influence people. These lines of force have been mapped and the floor plan has been designed accordingly. There is no force line through the place where your bed is so that you can sleep free of earth samples.

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